Resellers, please call the following Distributors for TuneUp 6.0!:

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(If you are a TuneUp Distributor and would like to be listed here, please email us!)

* The suggested retail price for Olympus TuneUp PRO is US$ 495.
* Upgrade to Olympus TuneUp PRO from any earlier release of TuneUp PRO for
US$ 199.
* Upgrade to Olympus TuneUp PRO from TuneUp LITE is US$ 299.
(These prices may change without notice)

Why Olympus TuneUp® is for Resellers...

You Look Great
TuneUp's "alert agents" frequently inform you of any system anomalies
before your customer actually experiences a problem. You can arrive on
their doorstep in the nick of time - or just take care of it from your
own office.

You look good when you solve your customer's system
problems... You look
great when you actually prevent them.

You're in Control
TuneUp's remote monitoring gives the reseller the control. If there's trouble,
TuneUp fixes it for you upon command. TuneUp pinpoints hard-to-detect
performance-robbing problems and eliminates the need for constant tinkering
with system parameters. TuneUp eliminates panic errors on large out-of-tune
installations. Nothing tunes as fast, as completely, or as well.

Cut Costs. Boost Sales
TuneUp cuts your labor costs, so maintenance fees go into your pocket. It
also keeps you up-to-date on performance upgrade needs such as
memory, disk storage, faster CPUs or multiprocessors, faster network or
multiport cards.

That leaves you with only one problem - What will you do with all that
saved time and money? Attract new customers? Provide new services? Take
a vacation? You decide.

That's why... TuneUp is for Resellers!